January is coming to its end and many have already broken their New Year’s resolutions to be more active. No wonder motivation is low and we are lacking energy after the dark months we’ve had, at least here in Sweden. However, it is now during winter we need training the most to keep the mood up! So how do you stay motivated to exercise during these months? We have compiled some points that may be helpful. 



Having a training buddy makes it easier to show up for training! Instead of taking a cup of coffee together, you might as well come up with an activity and talk before, during or after so that the training becomes a social event. And besides for training becoming more fun, it is harder to back out when you actually promised your training partner to show up, because sending a “I can’t come today”-text is not easily done without a really good excuse!


Social Media

Follow people who inspire you! Sounds logical, but seeing clips and pictures of others who are dedicated and constantly sharing their new tricks and cool choreographies makes us want to head to the dance studio and try it out. Social media is also good for sharing your own training and besides inspiring others, you become a part of the wonderful pole “community” that exists!


Set a goal

Whether you are training for a competition or an upcoming show, want to get into a shoulder mount or at last manage to split, it helps to have a goal. You can definitely have big long-term goals, but more achievable goals closer in time puts more pressure on you to actually practice and give that little extra motivation to work when the goal feels achievable. A tip is also to share your goal with someone you know will ask in a few months how its going for you, or why not dare to post on your social media and let everyone follow your journey?


Stay active until practice begins

Be realistic about how disciplined you are and find ways for yourself that will make your workout happen. We believe that exercise should be fun and not a must, but even if you have found the right type of exercise for you, tiredness can sometimes take over, especially during the winter. If you go home after work and sit down on the couch, it can be difficult for many to find motivation to get back up again, pack the bag, put on shoes and head out. One tip is to stay active until the training begins and do not forget to take a snack to keep a good energy level.


New workout clothes

Funny that we recommend this as a clothing brand? Maybe. But it actually works. Having a new outfit to work out in will always make you yearn to use it. And training actually is more fun when you feel like you’re looking good! Am I right?!



If none of the tips above helps in wanting to train, think about the reward that awaits: Endorphins. Cause how good are you after a workout? The muscle movements during a workout causes the body to send signals to the brain so that endorphins are released. Endorphins, in turn, contribute to increasing dopamine in the brain’s reward center. When the brain interprets this chemical process, we experience this pleasure after the workout. This wonderful feeling is exactly what may be needed an evening in January to change your mood.

And remember, sometimes the workouts when you didn’t feel like exercising can become one of the best workouts you’ve had. So put on a good song o go!


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