Hello and welcome to our very first blog post here on our website! Here we will share some nice interviews, tips and other fun stuff relating to pole dancing, girlpower and workouts in general. If you have anything you would love to read about, let us know by commenting or sending us a direct message.

We thought we would start with a few questions & answers to us for you to get to know us and Unapolegetic a bit better. So here we go!

Our names are Paulina (the curly girl) and Caroline (the blondie) and we were both born and raised in the capital of Sweden – Stockholm – in the 90s. We met in school 7 years ago and found a common interest of running a business – so that’s what we decided to do. Last year we started Unapolegetic since we were both doing pole dancing for a workout and loved it.


Why did we get hooked on pole dancing?

We have always loved acrobatic sports, with Caroline having a cheerleader background and Paulina mostly just dreaming to be one doing cartwheels in her living room. We found pole dancing to be the perfect way of hanging out, having fun and developing new skills at the same time. For us, we don’t really see pole dancing as a workout where the main goal is to get fit. It’s more of a fun hobby where the muscles just come as a bonus.


Why did we start Unapolegetic and what is our goal?

We want to contribute to the movement of making pole dancing an accepted sport again. And yes, we say again, because it was historically a sport before it became more known as an exotic dance for the clubs. You can read more about it in the link below from the International pole dance fitness association. Our idea is to provide sporty, comfortable and good looking clothes, because we noticed a gap in the market for it when we started doing pole dancing ourselves. We hope to inspire more people to start doing pole dancing as a workout/hobby/profession, whatever age, size or gender they are (even though we are mostly targeting women at the moment). We also hope to encourage people to be themselves and love themselves for who they are and how they look.


What does "Unapolegetic" mean?

 Yes, we do know our “misspelling” of our name – we chose to have unaPOLEgetic (instead of unapologetic) since we are a pole wear brand.

To be honest we were not completely comfortable at first with telling people we were doing pole dancing, just because of what most people still associate it with and the comments you could get because of it. Most people think there is only one kind of pole dancing when in reality it has developed into so many different styles. So we decided to do a twist on the word unapologetic which means “not acknowledging or expressing regret”. So the meaning is that you shouldn’t apologize for being a pole dancer – be a proud pole dancer! Whatever style you choose to do.


What are our different roles in the company?

At the moment we are both pretty much involved in everything and that is also what we love about having our own company. We often joke about what we could write in our resumes; designers, accountants, marketers, buyers, event planners – you name it! But of course we are good at different things and that is what makes us such a good team. Caroline is for example more of the analyst while Paulina is more the creative one.

So this was a little introduction about us – let us know what you thought and if you have any other questions. Next post will be an interview with a pole dancer from Norway that we are excited to share with you. We hope to see you back here then!

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