What better way to show the pole wear from our Stockholm collection than in the city of Stockholm? We decided to have a photo event in June this year and we were so lucky to have some amazing girls attending with such a great positive energy. We were truly amazed by the confidence, the pole skills and happiness they all came with! Thank you so much girls!





Hosting an outside event in Sweden can be quite stressful (if you are swede, you know what we are talking about) because of the weather that you can never really count on. Luckily we got a few hours of sun  and we think we really managed to get some great photos!

This is just a small selection of the pictures we got, but if you want to see more – don’t forget to follow us on Instagram where we will be posting the rest during the year. Seeing the girls in our pole dancing clothes made us so happy, we just want to do this again and again. If you would like to participate in upcoming events, also keep an eye out on our instagram or facebook. Next up is a photo event in Malaga, don’t miss it if you happen to be around.





We also made a short video from the day. Wait until the end, because that is when our photographer Carlos gives pole dancing a try. He might have just realised how hard it actually is!


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