Meet the girls behind the brand



Our story began with two pole dancing girls from Sweden with a vision of making a change when noticing a gap in the market for tasteful, practical and timeless pole dance outfits. The result was Unapolegetic – a pole wear brand focusing on pole dancing being a fun sport that creates strong athletes.

The combination of athletic skill and artistic influence makes pole dance unique from any other dance or sport. In order to perform more advanced tricks, you must have the proper amount of skin exposed to not lose your grip to the pole and this is where pole outfits differs from most other workout apparel. Unapolegetic focuses on designs that will look flattering on different body types since pole dancing is not about what our bodies look like but rather what they are capable of doing.

With our first collection – combining comfort with Scandinavian minimalism and neutral colors – we wanted to make the perfect everyday pole wardrobe that will inspire women to keep training, being beautiful while doing so and staying unapologetically proud of their poletrick-achievements.
– not apologizing for being a pole dancer